The mission

The Zachary NF Research Fund was founded by the family of Zachary Bartz to find a cure for NF and related cancers. Zac’s courageous battle ended on November 20th 2013, however, the fight continues in his honor.

Mission & Values
Proceeds raised by the Zachary NF and Cancer Research Fund are donated to the neurofibromatosis research laboratory at the University of Minnesota. We also continue to leave a mark on the community in Zac's honor by providing support in unique ways to those who are affected by disease or disability.

About Zac

It is hard to describe Zac in words; he was such a special person. Although diagnosed at 19 months old with NF and cancer, he never looked at life from a negative perspective or felt bad for himself. His faith, never give up attitude, and love were fundamental to who he was. Zac loved spending time with his family and friends, playing golf, hunting, and building legos!

After Zac passed away, many letters were sent to the Bartz's family from people from all walks of life- his classmates, community members, and others who met him only one time in passing. The letters from these people attested to beautiful nature of Zac's soul and the incredible ways that his demonstration of living life to the fullest changed their lives. While Zac is no longer with us today, his legacy prominently lives on in the Chisago community and beyond.  

Our Team
Meet the team of people making it happen.

Jessica Bartz, President
Greg Bartz, Vice President
Shauna Lasiuta, Treasurer
Bryan Bergschnieder, Fundraising Director
Matt Lasiuta, Board Member
Eric Hendrickson, Board Member
Aaron Otte, Board Member