Zachary Bartz Memorial Garden

An accessible and Interactive garden in honor of Zac!

Despite his challenges, Zac believed in putting others first and always looked for new ways to give back to the community. The Zachary NF and Cancer Research Fund would like to honor Zac's spirit in community service by funding a new garden for the residents at Parmly on the Lake Nursing Home. This garden will provide opportunities for those who are disabled to independently garden and enjoy the outdoors.

Be on the lookout for upcoming news regarding this project and ways to become involved!

Benefits of gardening for the elderly

Did you know?

Intensive studies have investigated the effects of gardening intervention in older adults and found that gardening is successful in improving physical disabilities as well as cognitive function. Conditions that benefit from interactive gardening include pathophysiologies and even psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia and depression. Additional study show that senior residents believe it should be mandatory for nursing homes to provide gardening opportunities to the residents. Despite the sufficient evidence proving tremendous benefits to the elderly, interactive gardens are rarely included in nursing homes.